Responsibility and duty of Committee of Saftey 


Being prepared is a responsibility of each adult individual and family. The Committee of Safety assist the people in this responsibility. The Committee of Safety encourages families to prepare food, shelter, fuel and clothing for future needs. The Committee of Safety assists individuals and families to be self reliant. Go to this link to find out about how much food storage you need:

It is the duty of the Committee of Safety to inform, warn and coordinate the people in efforts of preparedness and defense. When needed, the Committee of Safety will also correspond in the spirit of warning to those who are threatening the rights of the people in the community. Correspondence to the people can be for many purposes such as, natural disaster warning, information about safeguards, urgent action needed, and a call for able body men and women to assemble in defense. 

Harney County Committee of Safety

The primary duty and responsibility of the Committee of Safety is to coordinate the people in their own safety. This is done through correspondence, preparedness and defense. 

Safeguarding individual rights against those that will take them is one of the greatest challenges of society. The taking of life, liberty or property is a transgression no matter who is doing the taking. Safety is most likely achieved when neighbors who, respect and love one another, band together in the defense of each others rights. 

Prior to the Revolutionary War, Committees of Safety existed in the frontier or wilderness areas where the government did not provide any troops or other protection against Indian attacks.  The community got together and built stockades, enrolled militia, commissioned officers, and set watches, all to secure the property and lives of the association members from threats from the savages.

It is the function of the Committee of Safety to call up able-body men and women to stand in defense of unalienable rights. The Committee of Safety is the governing body for the Militia and directs the Militia in its defensive actions. 

In 1774, as the likelihood of war drew near, Committees were formed to assure that civil authority would continue. Worchester, Massachusetts, established a Committee of Safety; declared independence from British rule, discharged the militia, then opened the muster rolls, not allowing anybody with Tory sympathies to enroll, and commissioned officers; and, established courts to deal with criminal matters. They did not petition, they acted.  The time for petitioning (redress of grievances) was over.  They did not support candidates for the British government; they made their own government.