Safeguarding individual rights against those that will take them, is one of the greatest challenges of society. The taking of life, liberty or property is a transgression no matter who is doing the taking. Safety is most likely achieved when neighbors who, respect and love one another, band together in the defense of each others.

Committee of Safety: A governmental body established by the people in the absence of the ability of the existing government to provide for the needs and protection of civilized society

Committees of Safety formed before and during the Revolutionary War, to keep watch of and act upon events pertaining to the public welfare.

Being prepared is a responsibility of each adult individual and family. The Committee of Safety assists the people in this responsibility.

It is the duty of the Committee of Safety to inform, warn and coordinate the people in efforts of preparedness and defense. When needed, the Committee of Safety will also correspond in the spirit of warning to those who are threatening the rights of the people in the community.



Harney County Committee of Safety